Copyrights and Usage

All custom graphic design artwork and mockups created by Pataskala Customs (Club Weekender LLC) are the exclusive property of Pataskala Customs (Club Weekender LLC) and are protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of the custom artwork for print, social or digital media without explicit consent from Pataskala Customs (Club Weekender LLC) is strictly prohibited.

By viewing or receiving our custom graphic design artwork and mockups, you acknowledge and agree that the designs, concepts, and any associated intellectual property remain the sole ownership of Pataskala Customs (Club Weekender LLC). These materials are provided solely for the purpose of evaluation and consideration by the intended recipient. If you choose not to proceed with the project, you must promptly return or delete all copies of the custom artwork.

Pataskala Customs (Club Weekender LLC) reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against any individual, business, or entity that violates this disclaimer and misuses the custom graphic design artwork and mockups. We value and protect our creative work and expect our clients and partners to respect these terms.

Please contact us at for any inquiries regarding the use, licensing, or distribution of our custom graphic design artwork or mockups. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in protecting our intellectual property rights and we look forward to working with you.