Fundraising With Pataskala Customs

There are TWO main ways we do fundraisers;

1) If you know what you need (X amount of shirts, hats, headbands, etc) then you would order and purchase those products so you can in turn sell at whatever rate you choose to profit for your cause. This way is great if you know what you need and have the location to sell from. 
2) Online and on demand.
You pick the products.
You pick the markup.
You set the sale time frame. 
We take care of the rest! 
This is a great way to do a fundraiser without any money out of your organization's pocket.
For this sale you could offer T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Athletic Headbands, Athletic Sleeves, Key Chains, Bags and possibly more depending on availability. We would build an ecommerce web page for your organization on our website with links to it from our home page. You will be provided with links and images for promoting on your social media pages. 
When the sale is over we will either send you a check or transfer the funds digitally. We are completely transparent on sales. We will share a spreadsheet that will be updated daily with your sales and a running total of funds raised. 
If you have any questions or want to move forward and work with us to raise funds for your cause fill out the form below with your fundraiser information and we will be in touch as soon as possible!